“Good design is problem solving.” – Jeffrey Veen

shortcuts (for instance, think about the number of hours you’ve saved using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy and paste text).

We can add all the features and functionality to application, but the success of the project always depend on how the users will experience about it.

UI/UX Design Basic Principles

  • User Centered Design - A successful design meets business objectives through being user-centered and task-oriented
  • Structure – The structure principle is concerned with your overall user interface architecture.
  • Simplicity - Design should make plain and simple to do tasks clearly and simply communication in users own language and easy to learn interface
  • Visibility - Designs Should not overwhelm users with too many alternatives or confuse them with unneeded information.
  • An "Experience" which give a pleasure to user...
  • An "Invitation" which is pre accepted by user...
  • An "Opportunity” which will grow business...
  • An "Idea” which will work to achieve the target...
  • An “Art” which enhance your life...

UI/UX Studio Goals

Create Awareness about User experience design process

Questions from Team and Management

  • What will be the approach/Process to user experience and design principles in App development?
  • Whether the process is usable?
  • Is it easy to understand and share with stakeholder’s?
  • Is it adoptable and considerable in estimations?
  • Does it provide the desired solution to business problems?

Possible Results after Applied the Process

  • How this design process helps to continuously improve and enhance designs
  • How could development team and stakeholders can evaluate designs on each stage
  • How we can involve stakeholders in very initial stage and collaboratively design solutions
  • How this approach can improve the adaptability of the application and applications become more intuitive and fulfil users mental model requirements.

Create Awareness about User experience design process

  • Broad level project requirements/ Business objective/ Target Audience
  • Duration of Project/ Nature of Project
  • Technology to be used for Project
  • Client’s objectives and preferences
  • Emphasis on visuals/ Colors, Layouts, Treatment/ Detailed design
  • Flow of information
  • Value addition scope
  • Timeliness

UI/UX Studio Goals


Lo-Fi Prototype

Hi-Fi Prototype

Front End Integration







System, Business, & User requirements Analysis, Persona, User interview, Brainstorming

Interactive flows, Information architecture, Digital wire framing

User interface & Aesthetic approach, Scalability, Pixel perfect Visual mockups

Functional, Interactive, Evaluate, Checklist, Development support, Run time solutions

Tools Used

Pen, Paper, Pencil, White board

Adobe XD, UX Pin, Axure, Power Point, (offline-online tools)

Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, Invision

HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery


Handy Sketches

Static/Interactive Wireframes, JPEG

Actual Design, Interactive Prototype, Style guide, images library, patterns , components, JPEG

Functional Product