Infogen has designed a specialized QA-QC process.

It's an apt and precise process to determine how a product or service meets specified requirements. A practice that ensures on-time delivery and service excellence. To know more

testing approach

  • Requirement analysis based on requirement document/JIRA Ticket
  • Test case, Test scenario writing
Pre-Execution and
  • Preparation of test data
  • Execution of test cases
  • Defect reporting
  • Preparation of Test result
  • Daily status reporting
  • Preparation of release note
  • Release mail

Technology Expertise

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Cucumber BDD Blog

Security testing

The pace of technology evolution will continue to accelerate in the years to come & so will the increasing threat from cyber-attacks. The consequences of these attacks are detracting at the least and incapacitating at the worst.

At Infogen Labs, We adopt a Comprehensive Security testing approach from information congregation by crawling the complete application to result in reporting for uncovering the vulnerabilities, mitigating the security risks and enhancing the security posture of the applications and products.


Model Based Testing (MBT)

Model-based testing is a software testing technique in which the test cases are derived from a model that describes the functional aspects of the system under test.

Here in infogen-labs we achive highest level of quality of product by modelling requirements. Models helps to understand functional flow and reduces most of the defects at the requirement level. it ensures teams have a common understanding of business requirements. By using MBT we helps eliminate limited test coverage, unavailability of test data and system components, and lack of automation.

Localization Testing

Localization testing is a process in which software product is tested to verify if a application is designed to adapt a particular language, culture and desired local "look-and-feel". The purpose of performing localization testing is to check appropriate linguistic and cultural aspects for a particular locale. In this type of testing, many different testers will repeat the same functions.

At Infogen Labs, our main focus is to test,
Modules affected by localization (UI and content)
Modules should specific to culture/locale-specific
Language-specific, and region-specific
Critical business scenarios
Installation and upgrading tests run in the localized environment.
Linguistic errors, resources attributes and Typographical errors
Systems adherence to the input, and display environment standards
Usability testing of the User interface

ADA Testing

People with disabilities (e.g.such as blindness, low or restricted vision, or color blindness,etc.)can also access a web/ mobile application if the Application is ADA compliant. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, often abbreviated to WCAG, are a series of guidelines for improving web accessibility. To check if application is ADA compliant, here we use automation and screen reader tools for desktop as well as mobile application by following the WCAG guidelines.


Automation testing

The widespread expansion of mobile/Desktop and platforms, mobile/Web application testing matrix has become more complex than ever.

Moreover, the rapid evolution of different platforms, OS versions, form factors, screen sizes, OS’s, mobile networks and carriers add to the complexity of app testing.

Here in infogen, we perform application testing by ensuring that the application has flawless functionality and outstanding end-user experience.

Our automation provides the ideal solution to businesses by enhancing the speed, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness of the testing process.

Performance Testing

Performance testing is in general a testing practice performed to determine how a system performs in terms of responsiveness and stability under a particular workload. It can also serve to investigate, measure, validate or verify other quality attributes of the system, such as scalability, reliability and resource usage.

We make use best performance testing tool like Apache JMeter and Test Complete to analyze overall performance of the system. Achieving this by Identify test environment, Identify Performance Acceptance criteria, Plan and design Tests, Configure Test environment, Execute Test, Analyze, Report and Retest

Agile testing

Agile means fast, responsive, alert and lively. Agile method is nothing but a strategically implementation to improve the entire project life cycle. In recent years Agile is the only one frequently used word across IT. It's like IT = Agile. Agile main aim is to promote a very disciplined project management process which emphasis on frequent inspection, revision, project philosophy. Agile Process encourages teamwork, self-discipline, accountability of self work.

In Infogen-labs we built waterfall to agile culture in very processed and qualitative manner by setting up QA review and planning process.