Cloud and DevOps


Hatch Leaning Systems is the world's leading company in the pre-k education space. Their mission is to Create thoughtful, innovative early learning solutions, fueled by research, so that every pre-k child is prepared for success in school. Hatch platform was running partially on their on-prem servers and partially on Rackspace. Before launching new platform, they wanted a cloud-based solution that can auto-scale, easy to manage and monitor and provides scalability and fault tolerance out of the box. They did not have in-house expertise on migrating to public cloud. They brought in Infogen to partner with them on their journey into the cloud. Infogen implemented variety of AWS services such as EC2, ELB, S3, Congnito, Lambda, Kinesis, SNS, SES to migrate the new platform to AWS infrastructure. "The biggest benefit to using technology like AWS is the ability to react quickly to ever evolving business needs"
- Srikar Dronam, VP Products, Hatch Inc.

Technology Expertise