Technology Expertise

Virtual Reality (VR)

Creates a digital environment that replaces the user’s real-world environment

Augmented Reality (AR)

Overlays digitally-created content into the user’s real-world environment

Mixed Reality (MR)

Seamlessly blends the user’s real-world environment and digitally-created content, where both environments can coexist and interact with each other

Use Cases of Augmented Reality & Mixed Reality

  • Industrial & manufacturing

    • Guided training and remote support
    • Improved safety
    • Real-time factory diagnostics
  • Healthcare

    • More effcient ppatient care
    • Diagnosis and treatment assistance
    • Surgical training and visualization
  • Education

    • Immersive, self-guided. interactive visual learning
    • Any subject, from history and physics to vocational
  • Military

    • Instructional training
    • In-the-field assistance
  • Engineering

    • 3D visualization and CAD
    • Colleague collaboration and communication
  • Retail

    • Try before you buy: clothes, furniture, car, real estate shopping, etc.
    • Navigation to products and personalized coupons
  • Marketing & advertising

    • Personalized ads based on context
    • Consumer data - what they like, what they look at, etc.
  • Emergency response

    • Police, fire, security response
    • Potential improvements in safety, response time, and saving lives.

Equipment Setup, Installation & Industrial Maintenance

  • The emergence of new devices such as Tablets, Smartphones and especially Augmented Reality Eye-Wear has encouraged the development of applications in the area of industrial maintenance and informative.
  • Complex procedural repairs can be broken down into a series of simple steps.
  • Task checklist and Remote assist and Expert guidance.


  • Reduction in installation & maintenance time
  • Reduction in errors / rework
  • Reduction in travel for experts

Facilitating Education And Immersive Training:

  • Immersive training with 3D animation and simulated interaction Make complex modules easy to understand
  • Each student can have their own unique discovery path through real-life immersive simulations, with no time pressure and no real consequences if mistakes are made during skills training.
  • Simulations can be used to train technicians which can significantly reduce training expenses.


  • Enable self-learning anytime, anywhere
  • Uniformity in the training process
  • Easy understanding of the process by visual, 3D content
  • Reduced cost of training, travel for experts

Self-Service, Advertising and brand promotion

  • Self-help app for appliances, consumer electronics, cars and other products.
  • Choose, install/setup, troubleshoot the product Replace / complement physical manuals with handy visual guide
  • Tie in your product to a famous character to build a thrilling virtual experience in the form of a story or a game for your targeted consumers.


  • Reduced cost of customer service
  • Reduced cost of travel, support
  • Greater sell & customer satisfaction
  • Increased customer brand belonginge

Elevate Location-Based Services and Navigation To New Dimensions

  • The Combining of Two Innovative Technologies, Geolocation and Augmented Reality are possibly the most natural fit of augmented reality with our everyday lives.
  • The number of handsets that have Mobile Augmented Reality Systems (MARS) enabling technologies coupled with geolocation has risen tremendously.


  • bringing a whole new meaning to sighting, leisuring and socializing
  • AR Maps for Indoor location (Airport)
  • Automotive Infotainment and Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS)

Augmented Reality Games, A New Way To Uplift Your Product Communication:

  • Pokemon GO has brought attention worldwide to one of the most exciting technology, Augmented reality gaming (AR gaming) is the integration of game visual and audio content with the user’s environment in real time.
  • Mixed Reality gaming is merging with social network solutions and ready for the mainstream with a new immersive way to experience challenges.


  • Social AR game is associated with your product, to your brand message
  • Massive player engagement and can drastically increase brand recognition.
  • Immersive Gaming